Modern Photometric Performance in an Elegant Traditional Luminaire.

Date: 25 January 2021 Category: News

Hudson offers elegant, traditional lantern styling combined with leading-edge functionality and multiple uniform light distribution patterns.

Suitable for a wide variety of street, park, promenade, boardwalk, and civic space applications where a historic look and atmosphere is desired.

Combining contemporary lines with traditional aesthetics, the Hudson luminaires are at home in both new and old developments where a traditional flair is needed.

Lighting Performance
With the Orion light engine, the Hudson offers roadway lighting performances in a deco-functional luminaire.
Thanks to its large choice of IES light distributions, and the customization versatility of the adaptive Orion Light Engine, the Hudson can efficiently light any type of urban environment.

Ease-of Maintenance
The Hudson luminaires are designed to last with their sturdy construction, precise engineering, and high quality components.



Category: News