About Us

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Founded in 1999, Cyclone designs, develops, and manufactures deco-functional outdoor luminaires and accessories in its production facility located north of Montreal. From its inception, Cyclone has followed a philosophy that strives to excel in quality, performance, and durability.

Cyclone continues to provide superior quality luminaires and decorative outdoor accessories, by focusing on photometric performance, sturdy construction, tool-free maintenance and a wide range of luminaire styles.

design and developmentDESIGN & DEVELOPMENT

Designing with future needs in mind is an essential part of Cyclone’s development process. The pursuit of the perfect mix between form, function and technology make our luminaires unique.

Architectural integration is a key factor of our design mindset, developing fixtures that blend seamlessly with their environment.




The constant evolution of LED lighting technology challenges lighting manufacturers to continuously research new norms, sources, and trends, and Cyclone is committed to be at the forefront of luminaire development. Incorporating new technologies requires rigorous testing, thermal management optimization, and cutting-edge photometric testing - all performed at Cyclone’s facility or through a third party.

Research and EngineeringPHOTOMETRY

A wide array of IES classification types are available for exterior lighting applications. Environmental respect is essential in our mindset throughout the design process.  We have products respecting “Dark Sky” standards offering light control, visual comfort, and designs that harmoniously blend into their environment.



Working with local manufacturers to minimize our carbon footprint, Cyclone’s products are energy efficient and durable. Created with sustainable design in mind, our fixtures are made to last and are recyclable. This commitment is not just an environmental mandate but strikes to the very heart of our company philosophy.


The manufacturing of Cyclone’s high quality fixtures is a complex process, from concept, engineering, assembly to delivery.

Every step requires a dedicated, unwavering commitment to manufacturing excellence in order to ensure the product meets the standards our customers expect.

We have a stringent quality control process where all luminaires are tested and lit prior to shipping.