Cartier POST TOP - CART4

  • Product Family Cartier
  • Source LED
  • Light Engine Orion
  • Mounting Type
    Post Top Post Top
  • Distribution
    2020 03 Type 1 3 inch Type 1
    2 Type 1 Asymmetrical Type 1A
    2020 03 Type 1AHS 3 inch Type 1AHS
    4 Type 2 Type 2
    3 Type 2HS Type 2HS
    3 Type 2M Type 2M
    3 Type 2MHS Type 2MHS
    2020 03 Type 3 3 inch Type 3
    2020 03 Type 3HS 3 inch Type 3HS
    6 Type 3M Type 3M
    5 Type 3MHS Type 3MHS
    8 Type 4 Type 4
    7 Type 4HS Type 4HS
    9 Type 5 Type 5


Spec Sheet


With attention to detail and meticulous assembly, the Cartier hexagonal lantern combines modern lighting performance with a traditional yet sleek look. Whether used in parks, residential areas or public squares, Cartier luminaires deliver light with distinction where it’s most needed.

Time traveller

Cyclone Cartier luminaire 3images

Cartier feature summary: 

  • Classic hexagonal lantern with contemporary lines, remains true to its traditional heritage
  • Orion LED Light Engine with 36 LEDs
  • High lumens per watt in packages ranging from 2 500 to 9 500 delivered lumens
  • IP66 rated sealed optical chamber for harsh weather conditions
  • Accommodates up to 14 Roadway distribution types
  • Allows any number of optical lens modules to be oriented in factory to deliver light where it’s needed, such as on adjacent sidewalks and bike paths
  • Ease of maintenance with tool-free access to the inside of the luminaire
  • Designed to resist the accumulation of environmental residues
  • Can be completely disassembled at the end of its life

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