Classic POST TOP - CL41T4A

Classic POST TOP - CL41T4A

  • Product Family Classic
  • Source LED
  • Light Engine Galaxy
  • Mounting Type
    Post Top Post Top
  • Distribution
    4 Type 2 Type 2
    3 Type 2HS Type 2HS
    2020 03 Type 3 3 inch Type 3
    2020 03 Type 3HS 3 inch Type 3HS
    6 Type 3M Type 3M
    5 Type 3MHS Type 3MHS
    8 Type 4 Type 4
    7 Type 4HS Type 4HS
    9 Type 5 Type 5



The Classic series luminaires consist of a square or hexagonal base cage and are available in clear, frosted or opal lenses. It allows a suitable integration for all environments.

In a park or shopping center, the Classic luminaire will deposit its light with distinction.

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