Paseo POST TOP - CE21T4D

Paseo POST TOP - CE21T4D

  • Product Family Paseo
  • Source LED
  • Light Engine Orion
  • Mounting Type
    Post Top Post Top
  • Distribution
    2020 03 Type 1 3 inch Type 1
    2 Type 1 Asymmetrical Type 1A
    2020 03 Type 1AHS 3 inch Type 1AHS
    4 Type 2 Type 2
    3 Type 2HS Type 2HS
    3 Type 2M Type 2M
    3 Type 2MHS Type 2MHS
    2020 03 Type 3 3 inch Type 3
    2020 03 Type 3HS 3 inch Type 3HS
    6 Type 3M Type 3M
    5 Type 3MHS Type 3MHS
    8 Type 4 Type 4
    7 Type 4HS Type 4HS
    9 Type 5 Type 5


Spec Sheet


With a flat lens design, the PASEO is ideal for modern design applications with light control in mind. The optional Utility Fitter reduces maintenance time, and the Orion optical system allows for great spacing between luminaires. PASEO’s decorative design harmonizes perfectly with urban landscapes. Built out of cast aluminum parts and protected by a high-quality powder coating, PASEO is an elegant and sustainable design.

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