• Product Family Trika
  • Source LED
  • Light Engine Orion
  • Mounting Type
    Post Top Post Top
  • Distribution
    2020 03 Type 1 3 inch Type 1
    2 Type 1 Asymmetrical Type 1A
    2020 03 Type 1AHS 3 inch Type 1AHS
    4 Type 2 Type 2
    3 Type 2HS Type 2HS
    3 Type 2M Type 2M
    3 Type 2MHS Type 2MHS
    2020 03 Type 3 3 inch Type 3
    2020 03 Type 3HS 3 inch Type 3HS
    6 Type 3M Type 3M
    5 Type 3MHS Type 3MHS
    8 Type 4 Type 4
    7 Type 4HS Type 4HS
    9 Type 5 Type 5


Spec Sheet

A minimalist design for parks, public squares and other pedestrian areas. The Trika Midi post top is designed for ease of maintenance with toolless access to its components. A prop rod maintains the hood open during maintenance and the driver can be removed using the thumb screw.

About The Trika Family

Flexibility and aesthetics

With a clean line aesthetic, the Trika family can seamlessly integrate with its surroundings and provide optimal lighting wherever they’re installed.

Performance and durability

Delivering up to 32,000 lumens, the Trika family combines performance with durability. Trika’s optics are IP66 rated with fully sealed light engines for reliable performance in the harshest conditions.

Advanced optics

High performance light engines combined with innovative directional lenses enable Trika luminaires to deliver light exactly where it’s needed, both in custom and in standard IES distribution types

The other products of this family

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