Villa Maria POST TOP - VMAT4A

  • Product Family Villa Maria
  • Source LED
  • Light Engine Orion
  • Mounting Type
    Post Top Post Top
  • Distribution
    2020 03 Type 1 3 inch Type 1
    2 Type 1 Asymmetrical Type 1A
    2020 03 Type 1AHS 3 inch Type 1AHS
    4 Type 2 Type 2
    3 Type 2HS Type 2HS
    3 Type 2M Type 2M
    3 Type 2MHS Type 2MHS
    2020 03 Type 3 3 inch Type 3
    2020 03 Type 3HS 3 inch Type 3HS
    6 Type 3M Type 3M
    5 Type 3MHS Type 3MHS
    8 Type 4 Type 4
    7 Type 4HS Type 4HS
    9 Type 5 Type 5


Spec Sheet


With its contemporary take on the classic acorn shape and globeless design, Villa Maria adds an element of modern chic to today’s urban settings. Powered by the Orion light engine, it delivers roadway lighting performance and versatility of light distribution while meeting the requirements of cities.

Roadway level lighting performances

Cyclone Hudson luminaire 3images

Villa Maria feature summary: 

  • 180-degree orientable optics allowing customizable distribution types
  • Orion light engine with up to 36 high powered LEDs available in 3000K & 4000K
  • Offered with a clear flat glass (FGC), a flat glass frosted (FGF) or without a lens (NL)
  • Half-sphere spun aluminum roof adorned with a cast aluminum finial
  • Heat sink designed and tested for optimal thermal management performance in all-weather
  • Accommodates up to 14 standard roadway distributions
  • Tool free access to the interior of the luminaire from the top for easy maintenance
  • IP66 rated sealed optical chamber for harsh weather conditions

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